Prom Mini Sessions – April 26th


Hey – Buena Juniors and Seniors. Are you going to Prom on April 26th? Yeah? Then listen to this!!

Prom is that special time of year where you run all over town looking for the perfect dress, get your hair and nails done, find the perfect tuxedo for your date and for what? One lousy, cheesy picture and a few blurry cell phone snaps?

Seriously, this is a night to remember, right? A night of magic and memories and a time to treasure.

Isn’t that memory worth more than one posed, stiff, B-O-R-I-N-G photograph and a bunch of dark, cell phone pictures?

That’s why Lily & Daisy Photography is offering you this awesomely spectacular opportunity!! Take a little time before prom in the beautiful afternoon sunset and come enjoy our Pre-Prom Mini Sessions!! Tell your friends. Hey, why not bring your friends?! Come with a date, your best friend or a group! We’ll take up to 6 people together at a time in a 10 minute mini-session. Then you go online and choose the photo you like, download it and keep your memories alive forever!! You’ll have at least 10 professional photos to choose from.

Starting at only $35!

So this is the deal: you get to choose your picture from about 10 different poses, you can download and print your favorite, post it on social media, send it to grandma – whatever – for the low, low price of only $35. You can even upgrade for even more savings and get ALL of your fun, one-of-a-kind images!

The best part – these pictures are FUN!

We only have a few Mini Sessions available so call or text us TODAY to hold your spot: (520) 249-5112

If you would like more information or if you’d like us to call you to reserve your session, please fill out the form below and we’d be happy to contact you!


Why Teens are the Best

Ok, I’ll be honest with you. There was a time when I was afraid of teenagers. It was actually just about the time I really WAS a teenager. I was all fear and insecurity and self consciousness and I had all the confidence of an incontinent cocker spaniel. Cute, but utterly hopeless.

Brush Back Girl

This girl is not a model.

I get what it’s like to be a teenager. It’s all smoke and mirrors, bluffing your way through the insecure, wondering what everyone’s thinking and hoping no one figures out that inside, you’re a crazy, screaming mess. The part that I never got, never really understood until I was no longer in the craziness of teenager-ness, was that EVERY SINGLE TEEN FEELS THE SAME WAY at some point or another. Yeah, it’s true. You’re just about to die of embarrassment because the Worst Possible Thing happened. You look in the mirror and today is the day, the most important day, and your skin looks like the surface of mars. What gives? Why me? Why today?? You feel EVERYTHING deeply, thoroughly, completely. Every high. Every low. Every rock in your show and bump in the road. That song! That guy! That teacher’s stare! Everything is so strong, so loud, so intense. I wished when I was a teenager that I’d had an outlet, a way to boost my confidence so that people could see the ME who was screaming inside, the real one who was inside wishing to escape her self-made prison. The side of myself who I was when I was alone, contemplating all the other aspects of life.

Amber in the Garden

She rocks the world with her unique style

Which brings me to why Teens are the Best. They are pure awesome when it comes to taking pictures. They’re in touch with fashion; the high definition of fashion. The self-made fashion. The band-inspired fashion. Whatever clothes, styles, make-up, accessories calls out to you and helps you tell the story of who you are – that is your fashion, your uniqueness and the YOU which I want to find. There’s something about modeling, no matter who you are or what you’re like, I can help find the amazing girl (or guy!) waiting in the fringes just waiting to come out. Which is why Lily & Daisy Photography has made the bold decision to specialize in Teens and Senior Photography. You’re beautiful and amazing and I want to show you JUST HOW PURE AWESOME YOU ARE!

Senior Portrait Photography: Rockin’ Seniors!

Senior Portrait Photography: Rockin’ Seniors!

{Olivia and Kayla}
{Olivia and Kayla}





Here at Lily & Daisy Photography, we absolutely love working with Seniors and the two young ladies above are no exception. These girls are cousins and both are amazing and talented!

Last night I had the pleasure of delivering the printed images they chose from their Senior Photography Session to them and I’m so pleased! They were thrilled with the images and really excited to share them with their friends and families.

Olivia has a wonderful family with 5 siblings! When I visited their home last night to deliver the pictures I realized the energy of family is palpable! So much different than our house, with Olivia, the Rockin' Seniormy one child and the occasional visits from her friends. I love the contrast! It got me thinking about families and relationships and I started to wonder how many of you make a point to get “just because” photos taken of your family. I know a lot of folks take group shots of their family during special occasions, but do you make sure your family has at least a yearly family photo? Do you let more time lapse in between portraits and if so, why? Is it a time factor? A money thing? Something else? If you’ve got a minute, please take my poll then leave me some feedback in the comments about when and why you have family photos taken. I’d love to know what you think!

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