Oh, Look. A Chicken. -or- If a Man Blogs in a Vacuum, Does He Make a Point?

DISCLAIMER: This is not my usual happy-happy blog about how much I love photography. I do. I love it beyond words. However, there are people out there who seek to destroy something I and others love. This is my one-time-only rail against their squishy, mixed up, PlayDoh machine of unrequested opinions.


I don’t know what’s in the air right now, but there’s a spirit of ugliness that I am beginning to find alarming. Help me out here, are people getting mean everywhere, or is meanness just blooming as the weather gets warmer here? There’s not doubting our world is crazy. We’ve got big drama: in Washington, this political party is trying to force that one to blink, a crazy dictator in Syria is killing his own people, and crazy people are acting strange everywhere.

We may have thought we were immune, but even here in our teeny-tiny little community there’s a spirit of ugliness. Yeah, we’re not facing genocide here, but we’ve got meanie-heads and they’ve been sucking up a lot of energy lately. Everything from so-called ‘experts’ doing their level best to drown the up-and-comers in ill-conceived, wrong-headed, poorly worded, misspelled, over-comma’ed, run-on sentences. And starting sentences with a conjunction and not ironically because they couldn’t explain how. To folks expressing unwarranted, unrequested and frankly ugly opinions about an artist’s work. Is the economy that bad, folks, that some people are just looking for someone else to stab?

Really, I’m appalled at all the negative energy floating around unchecked. I know things are bad for some, worse for others and the political climate we’re living in is downright nasty. Can we please just be a little kinder each other? We’re all in this together, and if we do it right, there’s enough of the pie for everyone to have a piece. We’re not getting out alive anyway, can’t we just relax and enjoy life a little?

I, for one, am not willing to contribute to the stupidity; no more stoking flames in a losing attempt to blow them out against people who are too oblivious and stubborn to concede. My world is an artsy place of peace and cameras, pretty light and creamy bokeh. Flowers make me happy, sunsets are pretty and chickens are cute. (Darn ADD just got me there, folks. Sorry. It’s part of my artistic spirit….yeah…I’ll go with that.)

Anyway, I’m tired of snarky-know-it-alls-types running down folks who are just trying to find their path and make an honest living. I’m not going to put up with it the ugliness being lobbed onto my colleagues and friends. I’m going to slay the dragon wherever it lives. And then leave it there to bleed. Or at least yell at it until its ears bleed. Yeah. Take that, irony. Or not. It’s late and my poor attempts at idiomatic speech are dying in favor of sleepiness.

Ok. Sleep-tinged, kinda-pointless rant over. Now, a chicken.


Oh, Look. A Chicken.