A Life in Pictures

As a photographer and an artist, I am keenly aware of the impact an image can have on the viewer, on the memory of an event. On one’s life.

Last week was a beautiful, but mixed emotional time for me, as well as many around me.

I spent Thursday afternoon at a funeral for a friend. I hadn’t seen him or his family in quite some time, and to me, his passing was unexpected. I was in a little bit of shock during the whole process, but I was glad I was able to be there to say farewell.

The funeral hall was crowded, hardly an open seat anywhere to be had in the room. There were friends, relatives, children and loved ones all with a single person on their mind. There were thoughts and prayers, books and candles, flowers and stories, but as with any occasion, I was drawn to the photographs. The display, the book, the images all laid out for the friends and family to see. A way of saying, “I was here. I mattered. I was loved.”  We see the smiles, the silliness, the serious moments.

We see a life.

When all is said and done, when the flowers are dust and mourners have all cried their last tear, the stories preserved in photographs are the stories of our lives.

Which brings me to another occasion I attended this week: the wedding of my dear clients. I took their engagement photos and when it became clear the whiz-bang cousin with the LA photography gig was not going to pony up his time for the sweet couple, I asked if I could be their photographer. They agreed and over the last few months leading up to the wedding, I’ve gotten to know them and I’ve enjoyed seeing how dear they are to each other.

My love for photography came coupled with my love for telling a story. The photo below has a story, as most really good moments in life do.

The bride’s family is from Minnesota. The weather this year has been especially hard on the northern states and even though May is upon us, a terrible snow storm descended on the state, killing several calves at the home farm. Dad didn’t think he could make the wedding. Changing his flight was an impossibility so he was going to forfeit the cost and stay home.

The bride was devastated. Not having her father at the wedding to give her away was more than she could bear. So many little problems had come up in the planning of the wedding, so many little problems had been solved, overcome, or worked around. Why in the world was this happening now, at the 11th hour?

In an act of love, absolute and sweet beyond words, the groom could not accept seeing his beautiful bride in such sadness. He picked up the phone, spoke with her father, then called the airlines and booked Dad a flight. Cost be damned, his bride’s happiness was the only thing he considered. It was the only thing that mattered.

In spite of terrible airline schedules, the flight came in on time. In spite of bad weather, the plane made it with time to spare. In spite of all the odds stacked against the couple, everything worked out fine and her dad arrived on time.

…and I got this picture. Dad seeing his beautiful daughter in her wedding gown for the first time. The bride seeing her dad and knowing how difficult it had been for him to leave the homestead and make the journey to Arizona.

Seeing Dad

There are no words. There is only this picture. And in the end, it is all we have.

I remind you again, my friends. Take good pictures. Take bad pictures. Just take them. Oh, and get a few printed. Your children will thank you one day.


2 thoughts on “A Life in Pictures

  1. Thank You so much for being the one to take the pictures and tell the story. I can’t express how much this day meant to all of us and you were there to capture it all. As the mother of the bride, it is always so hard to watch your child be heart broken and I can’t say enough to how much I love my new son-in-law. He cares so much for her and I know I can count on him to take care of her. It’s hard to be so far away but I know now that I can rest easy knowing he is there to take care of her. Thank you again, Val for everything you have done for them! You are a wonderful photographer and friend.

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